Here are what some of our students say about their favorite part of CCMA and their future goals for their music education…

“I like CCMA because the teachers are good musicians, as well as being good teachers. Everyone at CCMA has been so supportive of me in my musical studies. In the future, I hope to complete the ARCT program. Thank you to CCMA for helping me through my musical career!”
– R. Wong

“I was a former piano and theory student at CCMA, where I was challenged to develop my skills to their fullest potential. My piano teacher taught me to play better both technically and musically, and my music theory teacher explained the history and harmony of music very well . The confidence and skills I learned in my studies at CCMA were very useful when I transitioned from student to teacher, and I feel very fortunate to be able to share my knowledge with my students here!”
– M. Grozdeva

“My daughter started learning piano about three years ago at a beginner level, and is currently learning Grade 7. With CCMA’s high-level musical education, she was able to keep pace with this accelerated schedule. Musical education at CCMA provides many benefits: lessons for different instruments; opportunities for public performances, such as festivals and recitals; scholarships to support and encourage its students; highly experienced teachers that help students achieve high RCM passing scores; and friendly and professional environment to provide an excellent learning platform. I’m so grateful that my daughter started with the right school and teachers. CCMA is definitely our #1 choice!”
– J. Zhang’s parent

“We see the benefit from studying at CCMA by the growth in our son. We find he now has good ear for music and it has helped him excel on the trumpet at school. He has also picked up confidence from entering the competitions. The experienced teachers at CCMA allow the students to progress at their own pace and are very personable. When you enter the office, you are always greeted with a friendly smile. Nicholas has had his current teacher for three years, and is always happy to see her. She is very patient and understanding.”
– N. Carr

“In my studies at CCMA, I learn both piano and musical theory in one class, which helps me learn new music and musical terminology at the same time. To add to this, studying at CCMA has given me confidence in playing the piano publicly, since they have many competitions and annual recitals. I like that CCMA is consistent with their classes and their times, so that students know exactly when and where to come to their classes.”
– K. Rahgozar

“Both of my children attend private classes at CCMA, but because of the festivals and concerts through the year, we have always felt connected to the school. We were especially pleased by the surprise scholarship Shana received at the Gala performance. Thanks to the friendly music teachers and smart management of CCMA, my children have received the best encouragement in different ways to continue with music and never give up. With our busy lives these days, it is hard to manage everything perfectly. However, CCMA management and staff have always show us that they will do their best to accommodate the needs and schedules of their students in the best possible way in order to help them achieve the challenges and attend the classes with peace of mind.”
– N & S. Moosavipour’s parents

“I really enjoy learning at CCMA with their amazing, dedicated teachers. It is a great opportunity to learn something new that will stay with you the rest of your life.”
– S. Sadegh-pour

“My lessons at the CCMA has helped me discover my love and passion for music, and I feel very lucky to learn from their amazing and wise teachers. I am given many opportunities to perform at festivals, recitals and competitions. I am confident that my teachers are preparing me well for the future, and I plan to continue forward with music as a career.”
– D. Torres

“I received my entire musical education, from beginning the piano to the completion of my ARCT in Piano Performance, from the dedicated teachers at CCMA. The program at CCMA offered me many performance opportunities, and helped me achieve success at many local competitions. I currently have an active concertizing career as the director of the Appassionata Music Group at the University of Toronto, and my training from CCMA has continued to help me achieve my artistic ambitions.”
– A. Kuan

“I like studying at CCMA because it has helped me develop my musical talent. You can choose to learn many different kinds of instruments, and learn to play them well. I like how the teachers are so dedicated to seeing me succeed, and they encourage me to work hard. I am happy with how fast I was able to reach Level 5 in piano in less than 2 years. CCMA is a fantastic school that will get you far in the first steps of your music career.”
– S.C. Yu